Meet the Team!

We have few things in common:

  • All are drop dead gorgeous & beautiful. (No, but seriously!)
  • Internet is the air we breathe and we love the web. (OK, let’s get serious!)
  • We work independently, and remotely. We have:
  • Constant curiousity, desire to learn something new and adapt to the changes.
  • Analytical thinking and logical reasoning.

pranav-amrutePranav Amrute @pranavamrute

WebMaster, Growth Head; Omnipresent.

Pranav helped friends and companies streamline their online presence, built the websites and proposed the digital marketing strategies. This part-time, freelancing activity later became a proper start-up with the team of full time employees. I’d avoid Jack of all trades cliche here, but being the self-taught entrepreneur of a bootstrap company, he learned everything the hard-way. Pranav has been on the other side of the web over a decade. He is the webmaster and handles quite a few web-properties. He founded Awesome Online Networks to help companies promote their business online.

dhanuja-arekarDhanuja Arekar @dhanujaarekar

UI/UX Designer; webdev.

Dhanuja is happy go lucky person. She has strong sense for aesthetics and design and has over 100+ digital and print projects under her belt. Dhanuja loves to dance and go shopping! Her new found love is making paper quilling art, who knows, you might find her in art gallery some day.

bulldogPradeep Chaurasia

Accounts Manager; Sales & Marketing.

Pradeep is ebullient, full of life. He is a radioactive human & radiates positive vibes. Likes to read books (motivational, self-help are his fav.) and has high aspirations in life. He strongly believes in laws of attraction by Michael Losier.

Yash Fale @yash-faleyash_fale M.Sc. (IT)

Programmer; webdev.

Yash is a programmer and does hacking experiments with his WindowsPhone (C++, C#, .net) & WordPress (PHP, jQuery). In his spare time he’s writing a suspense thriller novel. So you better don’t bother him unless it’s very urgent.

vaibhav-kavathekarVaibhav Kavathekar @vaibhav_vrk M.Sc. (IT)

Developer; mobile, webdev.

Vaibhav has developed some of the unique mobile apps for Indian users of iOS and android devices. He’s creative in building new self-funded apps. (over ~120+ iOS apps & ~30 Android apps)¬† He loves challenges and puzzles. He’s agreed to help me in some secret projects of AON. He likes to feed his brain by playing riddle games, RTS, simulation games on iPad & Mac.


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Note that we do not have ranks or hierarchical structure, we believe in flat organisation. The above list is arranged in alphabetical order and not according to seniority or ranks.