New Theme & New Website

We just redesigned our website by installing new theme. The move was long overdue, We finally migrated from age old theme (classic TwentyTen) to mobile friendly, fully responsive theme. The recent announcement on Google’s webmasters blog, about its plans to include more mobile-friendly sites in search results (starting from 21st April 2015), drove my moves faster. Although our website was mobile friendly before, thanks to JetPack plugin’s mobile feature, we thought to have the site based on theme which is natively mobile friendly. I personally love TwentyTwelve theme for its clean and minimal design. We had hacked,  tested, and deployed this theme on clients websites before. The specialty of TwentyTwelve theme is the front page template where you can display two widget areas in front page along with page content.

The new website is also under-construction and is almost ready. All web-agency work will be handled by the new website (Currently it redirects to this site). I’m pleased with its progress and design. If you want to take a sneak-peek before we launch it, drop me an email. I’ll add you in news/email update list.