Welcome to Amrute Online Networks

Rare species indeed. We need you to build our community.

If you happened to be one of my brothers or sisterswhy not join in? Get your own web-website and show off your website address as, say Nitin.Amrute.Me? or email as [email protected] here’s a sample site a member of Amrute community can build and that site of Pranav Amrute (Pranav.Amrute.Me)

Possibilities with website are endless:

  • Just like any business, brand, celebrity, or corporate house, you too can have your own website. Except this with ‘your surname attached’ is free!
  • Upload your CV/ resume. Admit it! having your bio-data online on webpage is way ^cooler^ than sending email attachment.
  • Showcase portfolio: if you’re a freelancer or artist, show off your work!
  • Blog. Express yourself, publish articles without censorship.