Welcome to Amrute Online Networks

If you happened to be one of my brothers or sisterswhy not join in? Get your own web-website and show off your website address as, say Nitin.Amrute.Me? or email as [email protected] here’s a sample site a member of Amrute community can build and that site of Pranav Amrute (Pranav.Amrute.Me)

Possibilities with website are endless:

  • Just like any business, brand, celebrity, or corporate house, you too can have your own website. Except this with ‘your surname attached’ is free!
  • Upload your CV/ resume. Admit it! having your bio-data online on webpage is way ^cooler^ than sending email attachment.
  • Showcase portfolio: if you’re a freelancer or artist, show off your work!
  • Blog. Express yourself, publish articles without censorship.